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Some conclusions...

By Nicholas Palffy

In my opinion, The PUBLIUS ENIGMA contained in Pink Floyd's Division Bell, is a SPACE/TIME RIDDLE. It has to do with ASTRONOMY and the SUN-MOON interaction.

It says something like:

  1. Meet at a precise Location
  2. At a precise Date
  3. At that exact Moment
  4. Look in that direction /or Face that Direction. Walk or Move XX meters/km/miles and you'll find something to unearth, or that will come out of earth...

We've demonstrated the relationship between Oedipus and the astronomy of the Solstices. Solstices and Equinoxes are DOORS or GATES of the Heaven. They function by pairs. (= Double doors or double Gates). A monster is always posted in front of these doors. Cerberus and the Sphinx guard the Solsticial doors. Cerberus, the three headed dog, guards the door of Hadès-Pluto (winter solstice, Capricorne). The Sphinx guards the door of the Summer Solstice in Cancer. Her strangling modus operandi is a key to the understanding of this figure.


The emphasis made on Darkness in the lyrics makes me think we have to choose the Winter Solstice. That is: December 21. But wait a minute: The insistance on the number 11 could indicate November 11 (=11/11) instead, which is quite a dark period but not the darkest of the year. Just for the fun: SATURN is now located (16.06.2004) at the opposite of CAPRICORN, at 14 degrees CANCER. The Old DEVIL is in the FULL LIGHT... In November 1989, Saturn was located at 11 degrees CAPRICORN...


This brings us to Stonehenge, the Old Cosmological Clock, the Division of Time Bell par excellence. It stands precisely at 51 degrees 11 Latitude North and 1 degree 49'28 Longitude West of Greenwich (can we round it to 1 deg 50?), or 32 degrees 57 minutes 28.81 seconds West of GIZAH.


At a precise Moment, just before sunrise, around 6:30 (?) (TDB duration 66:33?),


We should face a certain direction (East, toward the rising Sun?) then "orient" us again to find a special spot.

Then what?

The question then is to guess what to do. Should we "unearth" the treasure (money, gold, a statue, books, some kind of knowledge?) by digging the soil?

Nicholas Palffy © 2004