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The Publius Enigma

By Nicholas Palffy

The Crossing

Following the hypothesis of several "enigmologists", I take the CHIASMUS THEORY by Eric Spierings as a basis for the understanding of the Publius Enigma and Pink Floyd's symbology.

What is a Chiasmus?

"It is a structure used in literature. The name is derived from the greek letter chi, which looks like X. "

"According to the chiasmus theory, all songs are connected to another one. However, we got 11 songs, so one remains. This should be WtIO, which should be the center song in the cross. "

" The actual name "Wearing the Inside Out" parallels the idea of going from negative outlooks to positive ones ---turning the inside out or "reversing" so to speak!"


Christian Cross
Equinoxes and Solstices (seasons) > related to light/darkness >Sun & Moon themes
Organisation of the song around a middle point (Wearing the Inside Out).
21 June & 21 December are the precise moments of the SUN's REVERSAL.

Why? the CROSS and the CHIASMUS lead us to the themes of MIRROR, REFLECTION, OPPOSITION.

It is a powerul symbol all over the world.