The Publius Enigma

By Nicholas Palffy

The Mystery of Number 22

Placed on a single 120 x 120 grid, the page numbers show a very special and "antic" disposition. Strangely enough, the two sacred numbers 54 and 108 appear. We don't know at this time what is the purpose of the arrangement. [see the numbersd on a DOUBLE PAGE GRID ]. However, we suspect these numbers to be highly significant in relation to Gizeh and Stonehenge.

map of page numbers

The SUM of 5 pairs of heads total 22. If we take CLUSTER ONE as Number 1, we also have the upper numbers totaling 22 (8+13+1=22)

11/22: Sunspots follow a 11-22 years cycle. The 11 year cycle is related to a 22 year cycle for the reversal of the Sun's magnetic field...
22/7 = Pi (Egyptian Pi: 3.142857)
November (11th month) 22, 1963: John F. Kennedy's assassination.

The Heads

9 heads are standing up. two heads are lying down. One head is positioned diagonally. If the angle of this last head is 45 degrees, it means that it could refer to Ely Cathedral's OCTAGON. "This OCTAGON is the only structure of its kind in England, and is a creation of great beauty and mathematical interest". (More on the Octagon here). BTW, there's also a second hand bookshop called OCTAGON in Ely... Maybe a clue to unearth the "treasure"...