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The Publius Enigma

By Nicholas Palffy

The Stonehenge connection

If The Division Bell is all about the division of TIME, it must have a correlation to Stonehenge or such kind of stone circle or stone alignment.

Stonehenge is known to be a "MONU-MENTAL" astronomical CLOCK. it is located precisely at 51 degrees 11 of latitude North and 1 degree 49 longitude West of Greewich. It dates from 2000-1600 BC.

It is perfectly aligned with the cardinal points (Read my CROSS... section). Its "divisions" makes it a perfect BELL for Solstices and Equinoxes Celebrations.

It is a MAJOR LANDMARK! It is also related to the PYRAMIDS ("Orient yourself... then orient yourself again...?)

60 STONES x 360 Degrees = 21600 (Earth polar circumference in nautical miles and Stonehenge Grid Latitude)

Because there'll be no safety in numbers
when the Right One walks out of the door." (High Hopes)

The Right One = The Heel Stone projecting its shadow
straight through the field

Door = Slaughter Stones? Sarsen Circle?

The Clock will become imprecise (time lost) if
the alignment of the Heel Stone is imprecise.



"Along the Long Road and on down the Causeway
Do they still meet there by the Cut"

Load Road = The Avenue

The Causeway = ?

The Cut = Slaughter Stones?

stonehenge three dots

"Coming Back To Life"

"I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the waiting had begun
And headed straight ... into the shining sun

stonehenge image

Another evidence in favour of a reference to stone circles or stone alignments

On the CD back cover there's a strange little logo. It looks like two faces staring at each other. But their eyes look like a sun and their ears ressemble a moon crescent. This must be the uniting link between the Steel Faces and the Observatory. This logo also appears on page 6 of the CD booklet, facing Poles Apart.



The EYE and EAR looke like the SUN and the MOON.

The bottom part of this logo is quite strange. It looks like STONE ALIGNMENTS, STANDING STONES or STONE CIRCLES. To me, this is a clear association between the DIVISION BELL and STONEHENGE. This astronomical watch of monumental proportion was certainly designed to keep tracks of the DIALOGUE between the sun and the Moon throughout the year. The function and meaning of this monument was lost for centuries, the communication was BROKEN.


Can an ECLIPSE of the MOON be considered as a communication breakdown? This theme is extremely rich, because we constantly return to it. We already mention the link between SILENCE, ABSENCE and LUNACY.

Now, let's consider something else.

talking fish logo

Storm Thorgerson designed this logo and called it "THE TALKING FISH".


One can see many things on this logo. But it is primarily a SUN-MOON symbol. It is related to the sacred Double Axe or LABRYS.

talking fish logo

Now it looks like these two figures are designed on the same grid.
The "Talking Fish" logo and the "Mexican Heads" are saying the same thing.

babel fish

Now let's look at another FISH. This one is taken from Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's site. It's called BABEL FISH and is a TRANSLATOR. Speaking different language can be a communication problem. A translator is often needed to help people understand each other. The biblical account of the Tower of Babel is about DIVISION and non communication. BABEL and BABYLON mean the same thing: the DOOR (Bab) of the GOD (EL, ilu). But it also refer to a UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE. Nowadays, there's two universal languages: MUSIC and MATHEMATICS.

These are precisely connected by NUMBERS.

Speaking of symmetry, it is interesting to note that the sign of the PISCES (FISHES) is built on a perfect vertical and horizontal symmetry.


PISCES are also about DELLUSION, altered states of CONSCIOUSNESS.

PISCES are connected by their mouth.

talking pisces

Another nice observation. All the books of Douglas Adams have had their cover designed by Storm Thorgerson. BUT these were layed-out on exactly the same GEOMETRICAL GRID, the TALKING FISH !

Douglas Adams book covers